Weekly Interview

— Spring Folly 3505 BM

Interview with Datta of the Tryolic Clan – Part Two

Mj Grothoff:  It is said your work with the sword becomes hypnotic.  When did this mastery take hold?

Datta:  The moment I no longer feared them.  I do not consider how I handle my weapons any different than others so it is difficult to answer this question, but I do understand when you no longer carry the fear of it, they become connected.  Your grip becomes tender and you hear the blades.

Mj Grothoff:  Are there plans to train others with your skill?

Datta:  Yes, I have chosen a pupil and they will be named later.

Mj Grothoff:  I wish to ask a few questions which may become personal and want you to feel comfortable knowing if they press to far please let me know.  Your time in enslavement with the GranGrul has left heavy scars upon your skin.  How are they in your memory?

Datta:  Until my last breathe, I will hunt these beasts down and end their tyranny.  There must be more done with these vermin living on my island.  The gods placed them here for a purpose and I believe this purpose has run its course.

Mj Grothoff:  It is a shame they do what they do but to rid them all would be impossible.

Datta:  I don’t believe that’s true.  There are many powerful species on the islands capable of riding these Lizard’s and many of these want to rid their kind.  It takes just one to begin the unification and idea to make this real.

Mj Grothoff:  I am having a difficult time with this idea especially since many of these species do not get along themselves.

Datta:  We start with the Iphants.  They are the original enemy and remain today against the idea of this forsaken beast.  If they call upon the islands altruistic beings I know we can end the violence, destruction and death they harbor going from one Realm to the next.  It can be done if many are involved.

Mj Grothoff:  I will agree to disagree since there are many non-altruistic beings that already live on the opposite side, invoking island chaos.  I believe you forget the Green Dragons are certain beasts living on this side.

Datta:  I would be an ignorant fool to forget about the stench they throw from their home in Esor.  It is the Masu¨ran bane.

Mj Grothoff:  Masu¨ran bane?  Could you elaborate?

Datta:  I am sorry I cannot.  You are not a Masu¨ra.  In fact, even if you were I would not since this information is held by royalty and the Ruehthmir’s.  I will say it is a mistake and we must eventually come to a righteous agreement to fix what we allowed.

Mj Grothoff:  Oh there are many questions I could construct from this small statement but I will stop and get back to my list.  The islands wish to know more about your relationship with Gavee.  Is there one?

Datta:  Ours is a connection from many sources which create a lure for something spectacular but I must answer no.  Our roles within the Masu¨ra world will not allow us to maintain this connection and it could remove the vibration we have with the forest and our islands.  It is not what I wish for and I believe the same goes for Gavee.

Mj Grothoff:  I do not accept this answer with a smile and ask: If your way of life is no longer could this now be part of the new way?

Datta:  It still does not fit the Masu¨ra way.  It interferes with the absolute release for the need of others and insults the vibration we have with the forest.  No, it cannot happen.



— Spring Folly 3505 BM

Interview with Prince Gavee EverWing – Part Two

Mj Grothoff:  You mentioned others living with twisted minds, could you elaborate on this?

Prince Gavee:  My answer is directed to all Masu¨ras who decide to pick and choose what they believe in and call it a following.  I also direct my feelings towards those who decide to interject their own beliefs and force it upon others.  My brother is one of these.

Mj Grothoff:  There is an understanding amongst the clans on the animosity between you and Flued but I have always wondered why?

Prince Gavee:  It is simple.  When two paths are parallel and they cross without one accepting the difference between the paths, you will have conflict.

Mj Grothoff:  Who has the conflict?

Prince Gavee:  A Ruehthmir follows the path to not interfere with others including how they direct their lives under the Hörfa.  I only involve my space upon those forcing themselves or their own right on others.  The Masu¨ra way is to allow, not control.

Mj Grothoff:  So Flued does not see your way and does not wish to hear it?

Prince Gavee:  It is not a matter of wishing to hear it.  He does not care either way if it exists.  It does not help him or get him to where he desires so it is just in his way.  He wants to destroy it.  He wants to destroy me.

Mj Grothoff:  If he destroys you than one less mind against his goal?

Prince Gavee:  One less EverWing against his goal.  I do fear for my sister because of this direction.

Mj Grothoff:  Where has your sister gone and have you had any word from her?

Prince Gavee:  I choose to keep shut on her location and I do not expect to hear from her ever again unless I land back in Greughrith.

Mj Grothoff:  Let us move to the EverWing war, which tore apart a long standing clan agreement and has sent the Upper Realm into a panic.

Prince Gavee:  I wish to clarify this war was and is always been Flued’s war.  The EverWing history and clan fulfillment would not allow this if many of my ancestors were around today.

Mj Grothoff:  I must disagree with you Prince, for your Council agreed to this plan and your own father sent the command to initiate the war.  It is EverWing’s war. My question is will the remaining Raul clan members within the realm of EverWing now accept this change?

Prince Gavee:  This is an absurd question.  Why would they?  Would you?  True, many of my family members and Council agreed to this war but this is due to the false facts given by my brother.  I tried to stop and awaken them from this fake dream but Flued reached their minds first.  If I was Raul, I would begin to form a plan and work from within to destroy Flued.

Mj Grothoff:  You travel with a few Rauls, how is their direction with your stay?

Prince Gavee:  Just like them, I travel with no family to call back upon and no existence from where we came from.  We travel in the same footsteps and it is wise we aide in each others callings.  I also do not require them to follow.  They choose to walk this path.

Mj Grothoff:  Your desire to meld with the Green Dragons of Esor is evident in your path and in your words.  What makes this desire?

Prince Gavee:  It comes from a time where my life changed forever and it has called me back every day since this event.  I am curious on how the Dragons would accept me into their city since no one is allowed in or has left since leaving for the Dragons.

Mj Grothoff:  If this is true, how do you expect to make it in?

Prince Gavee:  We may never know the power any being holds until they use this power.  This path will show as I walk it.  I hope it does not lead to the death.

Mj Grothoff:  And once this path lands you into the city, what are you hoping for?

Prince Gavee:  A sense of understanding and peace on the event which haunts my steps.  I want harmony and believe the Dragons may provide this if I ask for their help.

Mj Grothoff:  You are going to ask the Green Dragons for assistance? What assistance?

Prince Gavee:  I need the power to turn back what has become the new EverWing.  I also need their help in keeping those whom which Flued had promised so much from trying to accomplish what Flued could not.

Mj Grothoff:  This speaks on your brother no longer being in this specific future?

Prince Gavee:  He will never give up his throne or his power without his death coming with it.  He finds his way the only.



Interview with Datta of the Tryolic Clan – Part One

— Spring Folly 3505 BM

Today on the interview spot we are speaking to BataRaul’s Ruehthmir, Datta of the Tryolic clan.  We are thankful for her presence and willing to speak to us today.

Mj Grothoff:  Good day to you Madam and I am please to have you as a guest this fine Masu¨ra day.

Datta:  It is fine for those who live in their own dreams and I am from the BataRaul clan.  The Tryolic is but a memory.

Mj Grothoff:  That it is, I understand.  Since this is the first chance we have had to speak about the interview, I wanted to ensure you my questions are not here to disrespect or anger you so if they follow this path please let me know.

Datta:  I shall wear my disapproval upon my face if you enter these areas.

Mj Grothoff:  Fair enough.  My first question I wish to discuss will bring us back to how you came to live with the BataRauls.  Why do you think you fit in so well with this family?

Datta:  It is in the way they speak to each other that gathers me close to them.  The BataRauls follow many of the same customs my clan followed.  They live in a city wrapped in pride with humility and care deeply for their forest.  I speak their language in my own mannerism and I give them comfort with my stern strength.  It naturally fits.

Mj Grothoff:  You are their Ruehthmir yet are not a clan member; do you find this a difficult task with the royal clan members, especially those living in the truest Masu¨ra custom?

Datta:  It was difficult at first, for even the King’s wife was not happy with his decision and the council would not agree with an outsider holding such an important position within the clan.  There were many meetings to discuss this move and many more with my decisions being questioned.  It took time, for time is the only keeper which could prove my honesty and real feelings.

Mj Grothoff:  How often do you speak with the other clans Ruehthmir’s and in these discussions how long did it take for them to recognize this agreement?

Datta:  A Ruehthmir has little contact with other Ruehthmirs.  My purpose is only for my clan and I have little concern for others.  The BataRaul safety and forest protection is my only agreement and I care little what others may rattle about within their thoughts.

Mj Grothoff:  Do you ever consider your true clan?

Datta:  BataRaul is my true clan.  I may have started with another but this is the only family which took me in as their own and considered my thoughts as theirs.  My past is ago and leads me to my truest family the BataRauls.

Mj Grothoff:  I shall digress but return to the roll as Ruehthmir.  You find very little female Masu¨ras in its long history; in fact, you are the third which is written in the GHB (Birth of Masu¨ra) history so it is you and the male Masu¨ras.  Has this impaired any mutual agreements or discussions?

Datta:  One time and I made an example so no further impairments as you call them would occur again.  I allow my sword and prowess to answer any questions or doubts around my ability to fulfill a so called male role.

Mj Grothoff:  I would agree.  Your power and skills as a fighter are evenly matched or I should say better than almost all I have interviewed or come across.  At least the clans know your name.  Do you find the reclusive living a Ruehthmir must abide a lonely one?

Datta:  No, it is in these quiet times which allow my healing and my letting go.  It is here where I grow my strength to accomplish what I must for BataRaul.  I wrap my spirit within the reclusive times and find happiness.  Those moments are the ones which show me the right choice and the allowing decisions.

Mj Grothoff:  Will you ever return to your past?

Datta:  If the powers will my need to follow this path than I shall return.  It is not in my conscience desired thought to do so and I will go if I must.  I am not afraid of it, if this is what you are alluding to in this question.

Mj Grothoff:  No, I am not alluding to a fear or a deep haunting memory but more curious on how you felt about that forgotten forest and the history behind it.

Datta:  It is a fading memory being replaced with my current living.  There is no more haunting for that place.



Interview with Prince Gavee EverWing – Part One

— Spring Folly 3505 BM

Today on the interview spot we are speaking to the young Prince Gavee of EverWing.  We are honored with his presence and thank him for the considered time to speak with us.

Mj Grothoff:  Good day to you Sir and I am please to have you as a guest this fine Masu¨ra day.

Prince Gavee:  I am pleased and enjoy days such as these.

Mj Grothoff:  There is a subject I wish to approach to start this interview and in the question I offer no disrespect to you or your family.

Prince Gavee:  Continue.

Mj Grothoff:  In the year 3491BM (for our audience BM = Birth of Masu¨ra) an event occurred which changed your life and the life of your clan.  May I state the event or shall I leave this honor to you?

Prince Gavee:  I lost my mother.

Mj Grothoff:  Yes, it was sad news among the islands to hear of her loss.  We are sorry for this and I wish, for the audience sake, to explain the event.  Would this be alright?

Prince Gavee:  She was killed before my eyes for reasons still remaining lost to me but I will discover the truth.

Mj Grothoff:  May we discuss how?

Prince Gavee:  It replays in my mind every day and I wish not to speak on the tragedy.  I have spoke of it once before and it is the last time.

Mj Grothoff:  I do understand and honor your request.  I wish to change the questioning over to the life of a Ruehthmir.  You are considered amongst the clans as one who has been trained by the finest Ruehthmir and you live the potential to be even greater than he, but you choose to fight this calling.

Prince Gavee:  Those who speak in this manner know little of the Ruehthmir and how we are to live our lives.  These others are the same who hold fast to the Hörfa belief but do not practice its way.  They speak of it as life and yet live as if it does not belong to them.  I have seen the Masu¨ran way and it does not take need in power, righteousness and control.  It is a Law which no others may change for it is all around us.

Mj Grothoff:  It is in these words the clans say you have wandered to far from your commanded role.  Do you not have a responsibility to your clan or feel the duty to your clan?

Prince Gavee:  It is this duty which requires me to speak about the others this way.  These others are the ones twisting the words in their favor and controlling the clans for their own needs.  My responsibility is keeping the Masu¨ra way pure and under disorder being the one maintaining this speed.  It is a role I honor.

Mj Grothoff:  Do you feel your brother Flued may have aided in these words and the negative idea around you as a Ruehthmir?

Prince Gavee:  There would be no doubt.  He turns all situations into opportunities for Flued and cares little for others even if his words may lean towards such ideas.  It carries nothing but a fallacy to the ears of those who may hear his rhetoric.

Mj Grothoff:  Do you see a changed future for your clan or even for yourself in the EverWing forest?

Prince Gavee:  If change occurs it must come from others for I am no longer in mind to hold for this change.  My sister is one who should lead this for her mind was once clear but has been stripped from the truth and sent elsewhere to avoid the responsibility.  There are others, too, who harbor ill against my brother and they would be fit to make this change.

Mj Grothoff:  So would you say you are on a permanent wandering?

Prince Gavee:  I am placing each stone down before me as I create and walk the path without leaping my way into the woods.  I do not travel ahead, for the time I reach its location with my stoned path, its vision will change. I do not cross back along my stones and head behind me for this path has been walked and gives me little but memories.

Mj Grothoff:  Excuse my ignorance Prince, but I do not understand the answer.

Prince Gavee:  I am not wandering.  I know the path and I stay within it.  I will arrive where I need to be soon enough.

Mj Grothoff:  May I ask about the Ruehthmir training?

Prince Gavee:  You may, but there is little I can speak on.

Mj Grothoff:  What did you find to be the hardest or the largest challenge during your training to become one of the elite Ruehthmir’s?

Prince Gavee:  Holding true to the meaning of Masu¨ra.  Being a Masu¨ra means to honor the forest, respect sentient beings and live in truth.  These three bring difficulties because their meanings have been changed and twisted over time.  When others live the twisted mind, they search upon you and ask why you live in such coarse ways against the clan.  It becomes difficult.

Mj Grothoff:  Is the Ruehthmir life always filled with dread?

Prince Gavee:  Do you feel it is filled with dread?

Mj Grothoff:  It comes across as a lonely life with constant ridicule and disbelief.

Prince Gavee:  Do not allow the others to suede your thoughts on the Ruehthmir methods.  I find this life to be an absolute blessing and cherish each morning I rise with the honor of being a Ruehthmir.  You say speak of loneliness and I think of great moments of clarity without influence.



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