Mj Grothoff

Mj Grothoff resides in O’Fallon, MO where I live with my beautiful wife, wonderful children and their “too-smart-for-his-own-good” lab Strider (yes Strider as in Lord of the Rings; we are this nerdy).  I started writing short stories at a young age on my blue and gray typewriter (I said TYPEWRITER…..I will end it there) for my D&D group (yep I was rejecting dating requests left and right from the girls) and loved creating these imaginary places.  I continued this trend through my many years in the United States Navy where it allowed me to pass the time out at sea or located in a foreign land.  It served me well many days.

I have built a Fantasy world where I allow my free thought to discover what this world has in store and I ink it onto paper.  I have completed two of these novels (EverWing and Vanished; part of “The Saga of EverWing” series) and currently working the third.  This adventure has led me to become a Creative Writer for a Gaming Studio where I get to throw my ideas around XBOX and PC gaming.  It is an unexpected joy.  I am always in search for a new challenge and willing to push my writing onto a blank sheet.

Happy Writing!

Writing Resume

  • EVERWING – Book One – The Saga of EverWing (Self Published – Aug 2008) Nominated for an EVVY Award Jan 2009
  • VANISHED – Book Two – The Saga of EverWing (Self Published – May 2010)
  • ADRIFT the Video Game – Story Writer for Wicked Smiles Studios – Released Summer 2010

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