EVERWING introduces you to the world of the Masu¨ras, Elven like beings with wings on their backs and talons as feet. These creatures live in forest cities and preach harmony with the earth, trees and all beings but have a bad tendency to forget the latter. The story follows one particular Masu¨ra, a Prince within his clan, named Gavee EverWing and his conflicted feelings between what he has been taught as the Masu¨ra way against what his clan truly follows. The three Masu¨ran clans face a war in their realm, a war between the clans.

The war sits on an edge, waiting for the wrong turn to push them into a raging battle and destroy a two thousand year alliance. This wrong turn is a planned assassination, an assassination Prince Gavee, the EverWing clans’ mercenary, is requested by his father, the King, to watch and in turn, kill the killer. The Prince cannot allow the murder, for the target is a close friend and the true request comes from his evil brother. The attempted murder was enough though for one King and war is called.

Prince Gavee’s disloyalty does not go unnoticed by his brother and his actions put the Masu¨ra’s life in danger. The battle plans are set and Gavee’s brother, Flued, builds in deception as EverWing comes to the BataRaul clans aid. The war drums are called and the catapults send their damage into the trees, killing Masu¨ras each moment it gets deeper into the war. The battles wage on and the advantage slides easily to Prince Flued’s evil ways with the hidden murder of BataRauls only Prince and the EverWings guards planted within the BataRaul forest.

Gavee shares his knowledge with his BataRaul friends but the trap had been set and with the war won, swinging the pendulum into Flued’s favor. The EverWing position crushes the BataRaul family and Gavee has little ability to stop his brother’s madness. This pushes Gavee away from all he knows and sends him beyond EverWing but before this can happen, he picks up two travelers he was never expecting.


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